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Black Celebrity news: Rema clears the assertion that he only sings about women and s£x


Black Celebrity News: Rema clears the assertion that he only sings about women and s£x

Black Celebrity News

Rema signed to Mavin Records owned by Don Jazzy is currently making waves in the internet right now. He has recorded so many tracks right after the “Dumebi” which broke the limelight and has jumped on many beats, even featured some foreign artists.


On this one, Rema took out time to clear rumours which has it that he often sings about women and s£x, and do not talk about other spheres of life. Truly, this assertion has been lingering in the air for sometime now and it’s the best time he spoke about it to clear doubts.


In the video, Rema is clearly seen saying he has heard often, people say he only talks about women and s£x. According to him, that is the order of the day and what brings joy in this country, Nigeria. He said he couldn’t be telling fictional stories about Nigeria in his songs rather he will only talk about the few motive which gives joy in Nigeria which is your girlfriend and s£x.


Black Celebrity News


He continued by saying that truth be told, there is no other joy in Nigeria apart from when you’re with your girlfriend or when you’re having s£x.


Rema in his speech, has it that he is young and has experienced pain and suffering in life and has story to tell, but you don’t expect him to be singing about suffer and pain at this early stage of his life because he has long time to stay in the music industry.


He urged his fans and music lovers to be patient to grow with him as he’ll literally come to that level. Watch and enjoy the video below!.





Black Celebrity news


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